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Cezar McKnight for Senate
P.O. Box 942
Kingstree, SC 29556

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Important Message from Cezar,
“Please vote in the Special Democratic Primary on September 2, 2014.
Let’s finish in ’14 what we started in ’12!.”

Election Date: Sept 2, 2014

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I am running for South Carolina State Senate 32. We will have a special election soon.

Should this go through, I will need your support again.

This is our time to blaze into a new beginning!

“Ask yourself, “In the last 23 years, has my community grown and improved in any measurable way?

Are there new opportunities for a better future here? Are we better off than we were 23 years ago?”

If the answer is no, then I hope you will join us in ushering in a new season of change here in District 32!

My campaign is about stopping the bleeding and preparing for a brighter future for all citizens

in this District, not just a select few. Cezar McKnight is the change candidate for Senate District 32.


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Cezar McKnight for Senate District 32

I support:

Expungments for first time non violent offenders which will give them a better chance
of a decent job, career, and life;

Better and stronger communities through better and stronger schools;

More jobs with better pay and opportunities for growth.